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Aya X Shuichi OAV ficlet - Act 1, Scene 1

The afternoon rush was just really beginning when Omi started bouncing up and down - literally! - in the midst of the group of rabid fangirls surrounding him. For a split second, there was silence in the flowershop, then a squeal emerged from more than a few voices.

"Quiet! Onegai, be quiet!" Omi tried to call out over the noise.

Aya shook his head slightly in the only sign of amusement he'd allow himself. That was before he was greeted to the sight of his youngest teammate going over the counter he himself was backed up against and fish around to turn the shop radio up almost beyond tolerable levels. A strong techno-pop beat filled the shop, followed by the strain of a guitar, and an angelic voice was singing...

doko ni mo tomaranai
mitasanai emotion
shikato kimete oikose yo
furueteru shi na sekai no
nukemichi o neratte
tadori tsuku basho e


The music faded into the background, and then the radio jockey's voice piped up. "'The Rage Beat' by Bad Luck! They'll be playing here in Tokyo tomorrow night!"

Out of the corner of his eye, he caught the beginning of a pleading look buidling on Omi's face. Here it comes...

"And speaking of their concert here in Tokyo, I'm holding in my hand two tickets to get in to see them play - and two backstage passes. You've been calling all week, and now we're ready to declare the winner. Just to refresh you, the winner gets to take himself and a friend to see Bad Luck tomorrow night, with dinner and a limo ride also. But enough talk! Let's get down to the winner!"

Beside him, Omi was fairly humming with nervous energy, hands clasped before him like he was praying. He bounced back and forth a few times.

"The winner is...." A lengthy pause, long enough for Aya to wonder if Omi was going to explode if the voice on the radio did not say something soon. "...Tsukiyono Omi-san!"

The Koneko no Sumi Ie exploded into cheering.

Well... I know what I'm going to be doing tomorrow night, Aya thought not completely sourly to himself.

"Omi-kun!" a high, feminine voice attempted to coon. "Who are you going to take to the concert, Omi-kun?"

"Take me, Omi-kun!"

"No, me!"

"Hush!" another girl's voice rang out. He'd never been so glad to see Sakura in his life; much longer and he'd be either trying to carve them all into little pieces a la the katana stashed beneath the counter or begging his fellow assassins to put him out of his misery. While it was true that he'd mellowed out a bit with Aya-chan awake and all, he was not yet to the point he could make very long with screaming at the flaky idiots that seemed to frequent the shop. Aya-chan and Sakura had both gotten a good laugh out of that tidbit of knowledge... his blood sister and his all-but adopted sister. "Omi-kun is going to take one of the guys, ne, Omi-kun?"

Predictably, the youngest member of Weiss blushed just a bit. It had not escaped Aya's notice that his compatriot had a bit of a crush on the girl. But Sakura and Aya-chan both had cram school every night for the next month, to get ready for their college entrance exams, negating any chance he stood of asking her to accompany him.

Big pleading blue eyes turned first to Ken. "Ken-kun...?"

"Soccer finals that night. No can do."

He turned to the oldest of their group, but the words never made it from his mouth before Yoji had already answered. "Have a date that night, bishounen."

Omi turned once more, and he found himself staring down into those eyes. And it's down to me again... "I'll go," he murmered softly.

"Yay!" Omi cheered. "Doomo, Aya-kun!" He bounced up, hugged him, then went back to work, unknowingly leaving his leader standing there for a long moment before he too turned back to the arrangement he had been doing before. Sakura slipped over and placed a gentle hand on his arm.

Why is it always me...?

:End Scene 1:

"The Rage Beat" chorus lyrics - English:
It doesn't stop everywhere
It doesn't fill up emotion
The ignorant deciding to surpass
Trembling, shy of the world
Aiming for the board
To the place where it arrives

Translation courtesy of It's.... GRAVITATION

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Series: Harry Potter
Rating: G
Genre: Character introspective, Draco Malfoy
Word Count: 164

It wasn't that he wasn't good enough. Far from it; he was good enough for anything. And it wasn't that he wasn't smart enough, rich enough, or anything like that, because he was more than all of those - and of course, much, much more. His allowance was more than some people made a year, and he had more looks, charisma, brains, and cunning in his left pinkie finger than some people's entire family did.

No, it wasn't a question of being good enough. This was all about being "better than". It was about being better than everybody else here. It was about them not being good enough to wipe the mud from his boot heel.

In summary, this was about being better than him. Even if it meant selling his soul to the devil - or any other Dark Lords he might meet along the way - then he'd do it, if it made him finally better than him, better than... Harry Potter.

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