Apollymi avatarTitle: Mirror Waters
Series: Sailormoon, GundamW, others
Main Pairing(s): Duo/Usagi/Hiiro
Word Count: 296

The world had gone to hell.

It had not only gone to hell, but it had taken the most direct path, no scenic routes, no detours, no pitstops. All that was missing were a few demons and another few strokes of madness, and the whole thing would be complete. And she was caught right in the middle of it all, as per usual.

It had started when their daughter had been miscarried. Without the child they had met so long ago and come to love, her husband's sensibilities began to erode. Her friends' remindings that he wasn't the only one who had lost a child had not likely helped matters any. Then the same illness that had waylaided her and caused the miscarriage struck him, only a much harsher case. He had floated between life and death for months before finally waking up, a completely different man from the one she'd married.

Sometimes she wondered if she'd caused this. She'd wished in a fit of anger for him to feel what she'd felt when she lost their child. Maybe she'd caused the illness to strike him, resulting in the madness the world now resided in. If that was the case, then her current predicament was hardly enough to balance out her crimes.

But even here, the rumors reached her. 'Revolution' whispered on the wind. 'Rebellion' came from the trees. 'Freedom fighters' sang the rain. The man who walked around in the body of her husband (but was no longer the person she'd known before in happier times) seemed to be either utterly oblivious or completely uncaring. But if the rumors she was catching were correct, it might not be an issue for much longer. Her world, her beloved Crystal Tokyo, might finally be free once again.

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